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    peterwillcn said:
    dotnetisv said:
    Given the different purpose of product development, Microsoft and open source community will never come to the same path, but does not exclude the possibility of cooperation the two sides have. However, let us find it strange that Microsoft has always been the attitude of open source has always been for the uncertain, sometimes indifferent, sometimes high-profile criticism and take the initiative to show good time.

        At present, the only thing we can be sure that Microsoft is no longer as open source as a scourge, and even step by step, Microsoft also picked up the pace of the field into the open source community, such as Microsoft to set up open-source laboratory, released Windows and . NET Framework source code of the part, and the establishment of open-source SourceForge website similar to CodePlex. Analysis of motives, industry experts have pointed out that Microsoft's real concern is not a question of whether the company is open-source nature, but whether the company can help sales of Microsoft's platform products. It laid bare the secret! Are above the commercial interests above all.

         Our view of Microsoft's attitude has been to live in harmony with the open sign. Well, Microsoft for open source projects, especially for open source. NET project exactly how to maintain the attitude? Recently, Redmond Developer News editor Michael Desmond raised such a doubt, that is: open source. NET project by Microsoft's cold shoulder?

         Redmond in the article referred to in June of last year, an exclusive interview with Jeff Atwood. Jeff is Coding Horror Developer Blog of the founder, he was. NET areas of contribution to open source projects, in addition to writing blog outside, but also to create its own open source project

         Jeff at Coding Horror Developer Blog once on commitments, as part of advertising revenue will be donated back to the open source community. Recently, Jeff realized that his commitment to 5000 U.S. dollars in prize money awarded to the ScrewTurn Wiki project open source developers Dario Solera. ScrewTurn Wiki is a Wiki engine based on ASP.NET,. In fact, the incentives just shows the attitude of Jeff, that is, those who thank. NET open source development to make outstanding contributions to the developers.

         This is a key measure for the purpose of Jeff. Jeff believes that "open-source projects at Microsoft's system to be regarded as a second-class citizens." He said: "Microsoft is wrong to reduce the open-source projects, and in fact these open source projects. NET contribution to the world." He believes that Microsoft as a provider of development tools, and its fate depends on whether the company has always been willing to change their approach.

         Jeff's controversial opinion. In fact, in the world. NET developers, there are a lot of use of a variety of open source tools such as DotNetNuke, MbUnit, NAnt, NHibernate and ZedGraph. And developers to use. NET also a lot of open source tools, listed above are only the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft is also actively involved in and respond with the open source community (CodePlex, IronPython and IronRuby project, Mono development, etc.).

         Then, open source. NET project developers why Microsoft did not feel effective in their support?

         Indeed, while Microsoft development tools in their own part in the integration of excellent open source. NET tools, but after all these tools are few and far between. In addition, although the open-source projects, Microsoft has provided some support, but the support of its commercial products with Microsoft's huge investment in it is a drop in the bucket.

        A lot of time on the surface of Microsoft's open source community support, this is actually a wine is not Drunk. For example, Microsoft released early in April in the open-source compatible with XAML / WPF norms permit the use of these norms open-source projects. This may be good that Microsoft's move, the open source development has played a certain role, but it represents the company behind it can make use of open source Dongfeng to further promote the WPF and XAML.

         Microsoft to open source. NET project has indeed provided some support, but a lot of the time, Microsoft is its strong position on open source projects to give a heavy blow. For example, Microsoft launched last year to the MVC Framework and LINQ, it does for. NET developers have brought great convenience. However, the resulting deep impact on the earth Castel MVC Framework as well as the development of NHibernate. Clearly, the integration in Visual Studio, and as a. NET Framework as part of the MVC Framework and LINQ to normal. NET developers, the more attractive. However, in terms of the open source community, it is a great defeat.

        Obviously, Michael Desmond made the so-called "open source. NET project encountered snubbed Microsoft's" point of view is not tenable. Microsoft can not ignore the power of the open source community. Instead, Microsoft will be extremely concerned about the development of the open source community, once aware of a commercial value of open source projects, or feel that it is a threat to Microsoft products, Microsoft is the first beast that will take the initiative, or the annexation of encroachment, or to create a sharp weapon independent and rival, and then the market share of plunder. This is Microsoft's usual tricks, because Microsoft in the face of commercial competition, will never sit.

    Let me be more specific.  My question was for bass.

    BASS: Out of curiosity, where did you get the idea that Microsoft is actually funding the C# support in Eclipse (specifically)?
     What is your source?