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View Thread: Looks Like C9 Killed Classic Logins (Sampy: It's a bug!)
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    Cybermagellan said:
    "@adkinn you still work on C9? What happened to classic logins?" - 18:28 my time (AZ)

    "@schristopheraz hmm, maybe grandfather clause expired? You'd have to ask @duncanma or @humancompiler" - 18:40 my time (AZ)

    20 minutes I got ahold of someone from C9 on Twitter...if it's really THAT big of a deal....

    It's not that big a deal for me, because I already had a LiveID... But for those who don't... Last I checked, there were 16,000 classic logins. How many of those have LiveIDs? How many of those would bother to get one?

    I have a problem with how the C9 ppl always say "conversation" but then run their web site as opaquely as possible.

    I wonder what is gained from getting rid of the classic logins.