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View Thread: Looks Like C9 Killed Classic Logins (Sampy: It's a bug!)
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    Duncanma said:
    Cybermagellan said:

    This was not intentional, I need to talk to Sampy to figure out what happened though. It looks like we lost the ability to have a custom UI around our login, and that was how we exposed the 'classic' sign in link ... as far as I know, we never requested the UI change so perhaps it was made across the board for LiveID sites

    I'll figure it out though, and get the classic sign-in link back, even if we have to just add it right onto the menu alongside the Live ID one.

    Thanks...  if C9 performs similarly to the last time I logged into C8, the experience when logged in via Live ID is subpar...  cutting it off would be bad.

    Doesn't look like the changes have been made completely across the board yet--  Connect and the MS Careers site are still showing the old-style Live ID login with their usual customized content still included.

    Any chance you could post the classic sign-on link here until you get something figured out?