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View Thread: The United States sad State of Broadband :(
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    magicalclick said:
    pdev said:
    USA is a big land, that's why internet upgrade is such an issue. South California alone is like crazy area, but, the profit return is low because the density is low. You can't blame for low density in SoCal though, because that's what make SoCal so fun and great.
    I'm in a low density area myself, which is probably why they don't care about my internet usage.  It's an "out post" community surrounded by farmland with a population of around 3000.  We've got 10 meg cable here, so it could be worse... but I miss the 30 meg I had in paris.

    Anyway, I don't think the problem is in the cost of upgrading the infrastructure.  Here at least, it seems to be part of the business model.  Without upgrading anything, every 6 months or so they raise the limit on normal broadband as well as the +$5/mo premium package.  By doing this slower, it gets more people to pay the upgrade fee and makes it seem like they're actually making progress.  (I hope that doesn't just sound like a conspiracy theory, its true Smiley)