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so now Kumo Bing?

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    "It was almost a year ago that I received a tip that Microsoft was considering three new names for its Live Search engine. Those three were “Hook,” “Bing,” and “Kumo.” After the LiveSide.Net sleuths discovered that Microsoft had taken control of the Kumo domains, it seemed almost certain that Kumo was going to be the new name.

    But now I’m not quite so sure. According to a “Who Is” search, Microsoft is now listed as the registrar of the “” and “” domains."

    I never liked any of these names - but was suprised many people seemed to like Kumo
    but now it looks like they might change it to
    sheesh - who leaks these things this way

    What i picture for each:

    Bing:   Badda Boom Badda Bing - the Italian Search engine.   The Bing Crosby Search engine

    Kumo:   Take off the kumono - Sumo wrestler

    Hook:  hook line and sinker / captain hook

    i have no reco - except - with a search box in the middle Tongue Out

    which name do you hope wins?  any of them?

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    Considering that Kumo is what's being used internally, my bets are on Kumo.

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    joechung said:

    Considering that Kumo is what's being used internally, my bets are on Kumo.

    yes i saw the screens - thats what i mean.. so you are already building a grassroots loyalty - then - poof - you go register and .net.

    i dont know if id want my results listed like that either... it seems like the scrolling site...
    although a left toolbar is an interesting idea
    .. almost Fitts law-ish Wink  why isnt it on the right - where all the IE control icons are?

    whos stearing this ship? the left or the right?  Smiley

    * i think id scrap the toolbar.. maybe make it optional - and concentrate on beating googles results - buy databases i dunno - the results are no good - at least currently

    * i mean what is an optional left toolbar..  a start menu?  at
    The day they this do this - google is on notice

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    I like Bing. Very Chandleresque.

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    Evil SEO

    I love Hook because of the unimaginative ways its users and employees would be named.

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    "Phil? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!"
    "Hi, thanks for watching."
    "Hey now, don't you tell me you don't remember me 'cause I sure as heckfire remember you."
    "Not a chance."
    "Ned... Ryerson! "Needlenose Ned"? "Ned the Head"? C'mon, buddy. Case Western High. I did the whistling belly-button trick at the high school talent show? Bing. Ned Ryerson, got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn't graduate? Bing, again. Ned Ryerson, I dated your sister Mary Pat a couple of times until you told me not to anymore? Well?"
    "Ned.. Ryerson?"

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    joechung said:

    Considering that Kumo is what's being used internally, my bets are on Kumo.

    That logo is so interchangable in the skin.. hell the skin really isn't all that hard to replace either.

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    Well, I'd guess, since people got used to 'Live Search' already, that's going to stay.

    Bing is Chinese for ice, dunno how that's any related, but Kumo is a japanese restaurant or an educational project from a student group called tatami.

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    Why do you think the search engine would be named like that? You do realize that Microsoft owns about 20,000 domain names, right?

    I think the next version of Windows will be called Bing. Or Bong.

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    It's all about conjugating the verb. "Google" conjugates brilliantly:

    "Why don't you Google it?"
    "I have Googled it."
    "Maybe you're not Googling right."

    Any name that is going to work has to be able to replace "Google" in that conversation.

    Of the three mooted names, only Hook works at all, and that's too generic, IMHO.

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