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View Thread: 09/09/09 -- 9ers Day?
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    bureX said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    - That would improve Microsoft's image in the open source scene
    - There is a possibility of clones popping up here and there
    - Niners would be able to make far more constructive suggestions to improve the overall forum design and functionality

    How far will the separation of the Coffeehouse from the rest of the board go?
    Still thinking through the idea.  We'd like to add Forums to Oxite and it's open source (and built by us) so the thought came that maybe it would be cool to get Niners involved in the development.

    You know...I can see the headlines now...Niners build Channel 9!  Wink  Again, this is all in my head at the moment now.  Nothing real.  Smiley