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View Thread: 09/09/09 -- 9ers Day?
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    bureX said:
    HumanCompiler said:
    Alright people, let's get this guy over to a full liquor cabinet or something, we need to transform him from the ordinary thinker to a hard core "yes-man"! Stat! Wink

    If *the source* is released, be prepared to work with it like runny modeling clay... We may create a new statue of David, or we may chip away chunks for ourselves to make poorly crafted ash trays... Just a fair warning Smiley

    Thumbs up for turning an ordinary idea into a pre-release trailer Wink
    Well, we're probably not going to release that runs the site currently.  Oxite is already open source, just doesn't have forums yet, but we'll get that in there over time.