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Happy 5th Birthday C9 from Lenn

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    Hey Niners

    Long time no speak! Its literally been about 4 years since I last posted here so I don't expect many of you to know who I am at this point unless you were around from the beginning of C9.  I am one of the founding members of C9 team along with Jeff, Charles, Bryn, and Robert.

    I promised Charles a video to say hi and happy birthday but have just been slammed the past month and didn't get it out to him on time.  That said I still hope to do so this week just to get the chance to say hello again.

    I am still insanely proud of how this little experiment that 5 guys from Redmond did together turned out.  You never know when you try something new if others will find value in it but its fun to learn and experiment.  Turns out what we hoped would happen did happen.  A corporate Web site with a new twist turned into a vibrant and passionate place where ideas are exchanged between a company and the people that made it successful.  

    While many have been fascinated over the years with the story of how C9 was created, to me the story that is more interesting is how the community made it a success and made it so valuable to both Microsoft and the developers who make their living on the platform.  

    Even though I left Microsoft in 2005, I still feel very much connected to the company and the special place that C9 has become under the leadership of Jeff, Charles and the rest of the C9 team and community.  

    Happy Birthday C9 and thanks to the community to who made it what it is.  Cheers!

    Greetings from Finland,


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    Nice to see you! (err... read from you?)


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    Thank you, Lenn. And Amen, brother. Happy Birthday!!!


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    Happy 5th Birthday C9

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    Cyonix said:
    Happy 5th Birthday C9

    Hurrah for Lenn! Good to see there is still a place for Channel 9 in your life. Smiley

    And, Happy Birthday 9!

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    Happy birthday Channel9! I hope a huge box of 9Guys has a hell of a party today. Tongue Out

    There's one hell of new birthday videos, too... fills the entire front page. =o

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    A day late, but happy birthday Channel 9!  I speak for many when I say channel9 has brought stuff to my attention that I wouldn't have known any other way.  You've all made me, and everyone in the community, better programmers.

    Thanks for everything guys

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