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Game$ People Pay - msn 6.2

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    "For U.S. MSN Messenger users, Microsoft with the Messenger update is also introducing MSN Instant Games, a new subscription service that offers games that users can play against each other. The service offers four games: Chess, Wheel of Fortune, Billiards and Upwords. Chess costs US$3.99 a month or $9.99 a year, the other games cost $4.99 a month or $14.99 per year per game, Microsoft said. "

    from this Article

    ok so lemmie get this straight: I can play chess, billiards etc for the low price of  $55 DOLLARS A YEAR US??  or 80$ CANADIAN?

    Who on earth priced this stuff...  

    This should be a buck a game per month at most, or 20$ a year for all 4 games

    **!!!!!!!!!  PS - apparently prices quoted above are only an introductory offer: Article

    so it's really.. $228 A YEAR US    $300 CANADIAN

    Absolutely ridiculous..

    Plus DME was 20 bucks..  and 4 lame games are 300 dollars?

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    that is pretty pricey.

    i would almost be sure there are shareware versions of those games that you can buy for a flat price and play games over the internet with people.

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    jamie wrote:
    I can play chess, billiards etc for the low price of  $55 DOLLARS A YEAR US??  or 80$ CANADIAN?
    Who on earth priced this stuff...  

    I agree. That was pretty steep! I just hope noone gets the bright idea to start charging for using the MSN/windows Messenger. Since that is so closely tied into remote desktop and assistance.


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    Maybe you should try Yahoo! Messenger's latest beta. It looks more link MSN Messenger now and lets you play Chess, Checkers, Word Racer, Dominoes for free. 

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    What I think the real price is 14.99 for each title per yer...

    Well of Fortune is 14.99 for a year. Billiards is 14.99 per year. Upwords is 14.99 per year. Chess is 9.99 per year.

    So if you wanted EVERYTHING!!! then it would be 54.96 a year.

    But this does not count the already free games. Where does the $288 come from? I did not see that. Even if you look at XBox live, the markup between year 1 and year 2 was like $20 or about 30% so taking that 30% and applying it to this price you get about $65 for EVERYTHING.

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    Why don't you try XBOX Live!

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    Reply to Jazzynupe:

    No that figure is correct:

    From Presspass/

    "at a price of $4.99 per month per game or a special introductory price of $14.99 per year per game.* MSN Instant Games Chess is available at a price of $3.99 per month or a special introductory price of $9.99 per year.*"

    assuming i paid monthly for all 4 games, or that i miss the introductory offer..

    so - at 3 games x 5 bucks + 1 game at 4 bucks
    X 12 months = what I posted ( +CDN $ )

    crazy insane - or insane crazy..
    somthin here seems a might shady
    Eminem  ( sort of Wink

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    I totally agree with jamie, this pricing structure makes no sense at all.  You can buy CD versions of the games for the same money or less and don't have to pay every year.  You can play free versions of them online at many sites including  Sure its a little easier to link up with a buddy through MSN than trying to meet up in a game room, but that convenience isn't worth the price they want to charge.
    I'd rather pay a charge to use MSN with games included than pay for games on their own.  I'm not saying I advocate having MSN not continue to be free, but there has to be a better way to implement games or have a better ratio of cost to use of the product.
    I have tried the new beta of Yahoo and it is very promising.  Although I think the interface borrows a bit liberally from MSN, overall it is an excellent product.  Free games to boot.

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    if it were up to me - id make the games free
    ( i havent tried them but if Checkers is any indication im sure they are very good)
    Still - the games should act as trojan horse to Windows OS - as well, there is already ads on launch and ad in messenger..  how much revenue do you need?

    ( i wont answer that Wink

    Id work toword making msn messenger an "on demand" delivery mechanism, where in customer may be delivered a movie or album using passprt/msn mess - they buy the video or record.. ms profits off the PARTNER delivery not consumer.. and through ads.

    So far - ^ above - again we have people people saying "go to yahoo - its free ( just like Lars post about coordinating calendars with outlook ( Go to yahoo its free)

    I think MS really needs to figure this revenue at every juncture out more clearly..  GMail is coming - prepare for msn MASS exodus it has been written..

    PS - MSN mess. has (from what i remember) 120 million users.  If billiards was even - $1 for a year.. and everyone signed up - well thats alot of money ( more than the Business Units current profits isnt it?Wink

    Maybe you should add 4 more business units to go with Xbox, mobile, server etc..  billiards, chess...

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    Good point Loads!

    I have been playing games on the zone for years. I love the place, I play hearts everyday (Anyone want the queen of spades?)

    I think the main point with these pay games is that you can play in your own sandbox instead of in the zone sandbox. I also believe, although I have not tried it yet, that the experience will be a richer UI experience.

    Also on the zone you can't play Wheel of Fortune for free, but you can play if you pay, so I would rather play that in my Messenger client.

    Just my .02,

    ~ Knute

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    Shining Arcanine

    jamie wrote:
    if it were up to me - id make the games free

    If it was up to me, I would let people play unlimited games for $4.95 a quarter (every 3 months).

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    jamie wrote: if it were up to me - id make the games free

    And I'd make Mercedes Benz free too, while we are at it Wink

    ~ Knute

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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, its a wierd guy in a helmet named Loadsgood! Dun de de dun...

    "Fellow C9 posters do not fear I have the perfect solution to all your free games needs..."

    No this is not an AD. You weirdoes who think, MSN games = having to pay money. Well your wrong the true statement is MSN games = NOT having to pay money. No this is not a hack you will not have to do without features at all. You don't even use MSN Messenger (With ads) 6.2. All you need is a Hotmail account (.NET passport)  and your on your way to free checkers and a great way to meet people.

    I, my good C9 friends, am talking about "don de de don" its a site made by MSN where you can chat to people and play games like checkers and all those other board games and COMPLETLY FREE.You can chat to people (mostly people in the USA) No catches all you have to get is an ad/popup blocker (If you don't have one already) and your on your way to complete and utter freedom, adless and having to pay $0.00 Smiley

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