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View Thread: Least Privilege in Longhorn
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    Manip wrote:
    It's nice that you guys (Microsoft) are *finally* giving this some attention, you REALLY have to get your foot out to beat *Nix in this area. At the moment 'Run As' causes applications to crash, which is excellent.. :-/

    The problem at the moment is that because Microsoft has left this so late, independent developers right applications assuming they have admin on the box and as soon as you turn that off they die in flames. This should have been addressed in Windows 2000.

    Another area of note is the Control Pannel. If it need to run as admin to work, then it should ASK. Otherwise it defaults to the current permissions. What I envisioned with this least privleges is that we could still get to the control pannel and it would ask me for credentials if the current rights I have are not sufficient for everything. Similar to how file shares work. It will ask you for credentials. Keep the runas feature for other applications, but the "System" applications should "ask you" for credentials if you are running with least access.