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View Thread: Least Privilege in Longhorn
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    Agreed. Although in general I think X11 + Gnome/KDE is a pile of puke, that is something they do very well. So, if you don't have the required privileges don't block it.. ask for them.

    (X11 is the Linux desktop system, aka Gnome, KDE etc)

    I know I'm repeating something I've already said, but Microsoft need to work to re-define the user/admin privilege gap. I would like the users to be able to completely alter their personal space.

    Some examples:
    - Time Zone (Not system clock time..)
    - Time display 24hour / 12hour
    - Background display
    - Screensaver
    - Screen resolution (some people work better at other resolutions)
    - Appearance

    This should all be in the user-space and should be stored as part of the profile. With the ability of the system admin to lock these settings (so you COULD have it act as it does at the moment).