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    Maddus Mattus

    Ion Todirel said:
    Maddus Mattus said:
    Coffee is so overrated, Coke ftw! Smiley
    Tried that,..

    Collegues kept looking at me funny with a rolled up twenty euro bill op my nose snorting coke in the middle of the office,...

    But seriously,

    I started looking into WPF a while ago, because me and a collegue of mine are giving a course in it.
    I seriously love how designers can do all their work in XAML and developers can implement the code serparately.
    I love it that the only limitation is your own creativity!

    The tools are awesome, the platform is awesome, the internet resources are awesome.

    Only thing I miss, is a multiline search and replace in Visual Studio. But hey, if that's all,..

    Recently my employer asked me to help him with an Microsoft Access job for an old customer, then you see what you really get with .Net. I spent hours trying to get the most trivial things to work, as with .Net I can do stuff within minutes! I never ever want to go back to VBScript or VB6 development.

    .Net rules!