Ion Todirel said:
joechung said:
do you have anything against regular expressions!? common where's the love Big Smile When the task involves more than 4 Substring and IndexOf calls (and other complicated logic of course), Regex all the way down Tongue Out

I have two problems with regular expressions:  (1) they're easy to get wrong and (2) any non-trivial regular expression is write-once, read-never-again. The problem typically compounds:  either you make a simple regular expression that fails on edge cases or you get a complex regular expression that's impossible to decipher.  Or maybe you get the worst of both worlds, a seemingly simple regular expression that's actually impossible to decipher correctly.

Also, the implementation of regular expressions commonly used these days -- I blame Perl (pcre) -- isn't regular and is horribly slow compared to a proper implementation of regular expressions.