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View Thread: Windows 7 RC1 leaks
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    804 meg of 2.36 gig so far.

    so this is the one where you have to manually edit cversion.ini to let it install?

    im on 7057 - so i should change the text to -7077? even though its 7100  or a lower number?

    *hopefully this fixes alot of desktop issues... files not appearing mainly.

    Off topic - ive grown to despise ie8 running mulitple services? what ever they changed bogs down 20 tabbed ies. especially on close
    (bomb - 5 minutes to close 20 windows/tabs ... most running (simple page)

    *perhaps they isolated the instances of IE because it bombs - but in doing so - they have created a MONSTER ie - that bombs even more.

    It reminds me of the new shutdown screen:  Force restart....  because i guess Windows hung for many people - so they add a new layer - allowing you to override the bomb.

    Why not just fix the bombing.. instead of adding screens and screens of "overrides"