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View Thread: Windows 7 RC1 leaks
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    ive been running beta1 on my production machine sice it came out with very little difficulty Smiley i use two partitions anyway so im not going to loose anything.. the worst that could happen is a fresh os install..

    im going to get the RC as soon as it hits msdn Smiley the beta, while good, has a few annoying bugs with file locking and win explorer that gets me from time to time.. but over all win7 pwns vista..  new taskbar / peek is really useful and i find my self trying to shove windows into the top of the screen at home to maximize them..

    and xp? i tells, you, ive never looked back.. start menu search is a must now.. also, ive found folder search (in exporer) real useful lately, its great for removing all bin/obj folders in a large solution for example

    folder search also has some bugs in the beta though so rc is going to be sweet Smiley

    to not be a comlete fanboi i'll say this though,
    they said the taskbar icons would be closer together in the rc but that doesnt seem to be the case :/ i have when it spills over into two rows..
    i also dont like the 'fat' around the searchbox in the start menu.. why isnt it glass like everything else? why us that padding there in the first place?  that sucks..
    over all there are a bunch of white space and padding in explorer id like to see go.. oh well Smiley