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View Thread: Windows 7 RC1 leaks
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    stevo_ said:
    Well, it makes sense if its a couple of weeks away from official release.. I think I can wait- I'm still unsure if it'll become my primary OS until RTM, don't really like the idea of upgrading to RTM later on, I don't care how much they say it'll be fine.. I just, can't believe that.. too many bad memories..
    I've had such a good experience with Windows 7 I couldn't go back to Vista. It's kind of the same feeling I had when I started using Vista as my primary and tried to go back and use XP.

    I'm happy to reinstall my system once RTM comes out. Being able to do a full backup to a VHD and then mount the vhd from in windows makes this process sooo much easier than it used to be.