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View Thread: Windows 7 RC1 leaks
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    CKurt said:
    Koogle said:
    Then why do you waste your time giving meaningless comments?

    I'm going to try and install it on my external harddrive. Laptop can't be harmed right now, writing my thesis on it!
    well writing a quick message expressing my general dissatisfaction with Win7 is a lot different from wasting my time installing said new  OS release after wasting a blank DVDr to put it on, it just seems to have been designed for and tested by monkeys. And its even less effort than wasting my time providing  specific feedback on every mind numbingly stupid issue or just general lack of improvement, MS seem hell bent on making an OS tailored for NOOBS anyway ,So if they want to do the easy thing... let the noobs buy it I say. They'll just have to bring out Win8 quicker I guess.

    Maybe Win7 given few years time, once everyone but MS has got around to fixing and improving things with decent (&updated) apps/utils/tweaks/further feature improvements/non-sh\t looking themes and ui customization... and all the good stuff that doesn't seem to come with defaulty nub crap initialy provided... might then be worthwhile using. Either that or they might just get enough things done right in Win8... I dunno how long they can keep pushing out this mixed bag of little bit of good and plenty rubbish... + poor customization over the control and look of things. Right now I have setup that just too damn good to be wasting my time with Win7. Insignicant underhood perf improvements means nothing when you have to put up with the Vista design retardation still hangin around and well more of the same crap design(not just talking about the visuals btw), really aren't any improvements worth really praising just more things that are worse..specially the small niggly issues found all over the place that all add up.

    "explorer id like to see go"

    yes.. send it to recycling...maybe it can come back as something less sh\t the next time around... that would be a good place to start..  seeing as that stiiinking pile accumulatively holds the biggest amount let downs overall accross the platform. Abit like that other heap o'junk IExploder, surprisngly they have a few things in common in being crap tbh.

    ps. new taskbar just sucks balls overal..