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View Thread: Absolutely Brilliant, Windows XP Mode in 7
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    phreaks said:
    What an awful idea.

    Necessity is the mother of innovation (or something like that), now all the hacks have an excuse for continued complacency.
    ... And how many hacks can Microsoft remove from Windows as a result?

    Greater good if you ask me. Particularly if Microsoft step up and remove several of the really old compatibility bits on Windows that very few users really take advantage of anymore.

    I'm assuming this is meant to be Microsoft's answer to what Apple did with OS X. But what I struggle to understand is; alright so Microsoft have rolled out their virtual service but what have they removed? When OS X shipped they broke MOST OS 9 Applications and rewrote a lot of the framework, Microsoft has done none of that but released this virtual machine thingy.

    Can we expect Windows 8 to be Microsoft's answer to OS X or aren't Microsoft ambious enough for that?