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    W3bbo said:
    Ray7 said:
    Premier is available for the Mac. And all of Apple's current computers are x64. The MacBook Pros all come with non-TN panels, which is important for an accurate picture, yet most consumer laptops have TN panels, so I wonder how she justified that.

    ...but wait, all of the people shown in the adverts are buying a laptop almost at a whim after "testing it out" for a few seconds in a retail store. Where's the detailed pre-purchase research? A $2000 laptop is an investment, she should have decided what she was getting before going into the store (and buying online is invariably cheaper anyway).

    W3bbo -

    Current Macs ship with x64 processors, but they don't have a 64-bit OS yet.  That's probably the most significant change in Snow Leopard.