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View Thread: What's the point in delaying Service Packs?
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    Vista SP2 is since over a week RTM'ed, but is stil nowhere to be seen (for the general public at least).

    The same was with SP1:


    Feb 04, 2008
    Hi, Mike Nash here from the Windows Product Management group at Microsoft.  Today we are excited to announce that we have released Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista to manufacturing (RTM) for our first set of languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese).


    Here's the timing for SP1 availability for current Windows Vista users:

    • In mid-March, we will release Windows Vista SP1 to Windows Update (in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese) and to the download center on



    That bloody thing was ready on the fourth of february, but the availability of it was delayed until mid march!
    It seems we are seeing the same pattern with SP2.

    I understand that it would be foolish to release it now via Windows Update, but what is the argument against releasing it now on the download center? MSDN and technet subscribers can download it now, it's ready and stable, what is the reason behind the * long delays for the general public? It only encourages people to download it from shoddy sources.
    Has MS a secret contract with piratebay?