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View Thread: What's the point in delaying Service Packs?
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    vesuvius said:
    Mathew said this was "theory", and yes their servers are taking a hammering with Windows 7 reaching RC status.

    I also think that Vista SP1 is pretty solid, and you have received most of the SP2 updates already. SP2 just condenses the updates that are released, plus the bug fixes. Windows 7 will contain the SP2 fixes so why not try playing around with that?
    The hammering isn't so bad, since I can download everything with maximum speed from now.

    It's not that I am so desperate about SP2 ( I could download it immediately from rapidshare anyway), I am just interested in the reason for the delay.

    What's the reason for that? SP1 also appeared on download center six weeks after it was RTM'ed, and Win7 was nowhere to be seen back then. So I guess the policy has nothing to do with Win7 in any form