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    SharePoint Guy said:
    Thanks everyone for the support.

    I Just read the manual on

    Found it at last! I like the old interface more, definantly much more easier.

    Once you get use to the new interface its not as bad as you think.  It took me a while to get used to it.  I ended up having to "Disable the Intgration Features" on one of my VPCs because the Cisico VPN client won't start-up with it on.   Cisco doesn't have a client that supports x64 so I am stuck running it in a VPC. 

    Also it took me a while to figure out how to merge my VHD changes, but I found it as a right click option on the VPC when it is not running or hibernated.

    The best way to run the VPC interface is to "Pin" it to the launch, and then either right click or middle click on the icon and you get all of the options. 

    I have a few other minor complaints, such as the XP guest operating system seems to be supported better than the vista.  I have yet to fire up a linux guest.  Also I think some of the "default" settings for upgrading should be different, such as the Auto-Publish should be turned off for upgraded VPCs from 2007.  The network adapter should also support 1000 base-t.  Also if my Host goes to sleep, the guest operating systems don't always recognize the network after they wake up, so I have to reboot.