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View Thread: What don't you like about Windows 7?
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    OK, the release candidate has been out for a bit, with the beta being out for 5 months already, is there still anything left you are displeased about? Are you in the its Vista but better, or it's what Vista should have been, or it's exactly like Vista camp?

    Obviously it couldn't be Vista, as that broke a lot of applications to make us safer - I last used anti-virus in XP. Some people "threw the baby out with the bathwater", but some of us (hopefully wiser) know and appreciate that increasing the security boundary was a necessity.

    The typical wearisome XP/Pentium 3 fanboi, with tales on how fast XP is, how not bloated it was, how much prettier it was seems to have gone by the wayside. If you have the audacity to compare Windows 7 with gNewSense or PC/OS and resolve that they are better, then surely a visit to a reputable optometrist and psychiatric ward is in order?

    Apart from an issue with me preferring the selected node in the treeview to not be set to "FullRowSelect" as I cannot see why they needed to change this from Vista, I feel as I am a part of something truly special, which Windows 7 absolutely is.