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View Thread: What don't you like about Windows 7?
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    Bas said:
    I'm still not sure about the new taskbar, especially launching a second instance of an application. Having to shift-click is annoying and obscure. That said, I'm not sure if launching a second instance of an application is still such a necessity.

    I'm also wondering if QA on the gadgets platform is more than an afterthought this time around. Developing gadgets for Vista's sidebar, especially if you're dealing with transparency or embedded media player controls, is a disaster due to how buggy the system is. Initial testing of my gadgets on the Windows 7 beta wasn't promising either: they all broke.

    The lack of a decent JScript debugger didn't help either, in Vista's case. Does anyone know if you can use IE8's debugger to debug gadgets running in the 'sidebar' process (or whatever that's called now that there's no sidebar anymore)?

    I think the little bird in the login screen is the best feature.
    You can middle click instead of shift+click