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View Thread: What caused the extreme negative image of Vista?
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    I believe the problem stems from the unfortunate decision to put the VISTA capable tag on equipment that was obviously not really capable of properly running the thing properly. Sure a system needs 1 gig of ram but if you have a crappy integrated video controller using some of your ram you dont really have 1 gig of ram do you?.. Not to mention the fact that the crappy integrated video does not fully support vista's demands on the subsystem, and the fact that these systems ship with low end of everything made for a really bad experiance for the folks you jumped in at that time. The systems were marginal and often enough could run XP just fine but initially XP was not available. These people had a bad experiance as their first impression. Their savvy friends might have told them 'Hey you need some more ram and a better video card', but what they heard was 'Its because oif VISTA'.

    First impressions being the hardest to sway, and word of mouth being exponentially greater of a marketing force than all of Bills Billions could buy. Now I love vista but I still hear folks saying vista stinks.... Its unfair but so is life. some of this mess was brouigh down by Bills minions unto themselves however, the rest of it is just an unfortunate qwinky dink....