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View Thread: What caused the extreme negative image of Vista?
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    GoddersUK said:
    Simo said:

    HP readily expected my parents to go out and replace their 1 year old laser printer with a new one as they were not going to provide Vista drivers. Luckily HP's XP drivers came with an install routine that was so badly written that the necessary dlls would get installed correctly before crashing.

    Really? I have just the opposite expierience. My parent's ancient HP LASERJet works fine under Vista. In fact the setup routine was somewhat simpler in Vista because it's run from a print server and Vista seemed to handle that better.


    they spent approx £400 the year before on a LaserJet 1500. No drivers for Vista. I was surprised and then pi--ed off. But as I said, disaster averted as I managed to get the basic XP dlls onto their PC.