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View Thread: What caused the extreme negative image of Vista?
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    Vista does have its issues, and there is no getting away from that, but the level of contempt shown was completely out of proportion.

    My theory is that between the launch of XP and the launch of VISTA, the Internet exploded, and gave everyone a soapbox to stand on. At the same time, the consumer market exploded... people who knew nothing about computers now owned one, their kids had them, and anyone who could manage a power-switch reckoned they understood them.

    We now have the crazy situation where people are taking advice from anonymous self-proclaimed experts, and using it as a basis for making decisions, because its easier than thinking for themselves or actually spending time doing their own investigating.

    Furthermore, people like to join “clubs” – that part of our nature – and there is a “mob” mentality that you need to align yourself to if you want to have street-cred with any group. Anti-MS groups, pro-oss groups, pro-osx groups... they have all become forces simply due to self-fulfilling prophecy of believing what the group says to be true because you are a member.

    Lately I am too often stunned when listening to IT managers rant against some MS product and it’s painfully obvious they don’t know what they are talking about... and when pushed as to the source, it turns out they are taking advice from some 14yo kid on a forum site.