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    I think the important point to draw from this, is that 'choice' is important, and bully-boy underhand tactics will not win the day. If you want people to choose your products, provide a compelling case for them to 'choose' (your product). Be it, better performance, competitive cost, increased value, fantastic quality or superb experience.

    Having a large market share I.e. > 80%, is not a problem, as long as you aquired it in a fair and just manner. If that market share is being eroded by competitors, then don't * about it or use underhand tactics. Build better products!

    Big corporations should learn from their mistakes; to be fined once is tough luck, to be fined twice or more is careless, and shareholders don't forget these things quickly as the fine always hits the bottom line. Yes, you're always going to have the small fishes gnawing away at your feet and complaining to the regulators, but the solution for them is the same. Build better products!