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View Thread: What is missing from the CLR (2010 update)??
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    Charles said:
    Sven Groot said:

    Yes. The editor is broken. Let me manually fix it...


    EDIT: Duncan has been informed. Apparently, the editor creates relative path strings out of URL input data: removes the protocol and domain from the URL...

    Thanks Charles that was an interesting interview.  Abstract? interfaces sound very interesting. sort of a poor mans mixin??. But something that is sorely needed in OO either way as Interfaces versioning currently is a Pain.

    Isolation and message passing will be interesting in how it is integrated into the current languages.  I know Axum is playing with it in a non class based way, haven't started playing with it yet. Been playing more with F#.

    Exoteric, that may be the case, I know IronRuby have implemented mixins.  But is that because of DLR, I know there was a talk at last years where mixins were implemented also for C# but they were asking for language support.  Mixins solve a lot of the multiple inheritance issues without alot of the issues.  (Ruby is a single inheritance language also).


    thanks Douglas