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    GoddersUK said:

    I've have a linux install on my hdd I use occasionaly and I've been using it for the past few days.

    Do you know what the first thing I noticed when i came back to Windows was?

    Disk activity - Linux, I'm not doing something - it sits there doing nothing. Windows - Disk access (not constant thrashing, but probably a couple of times a minute).

    (note, not and entirely fair comparison as my windows install is used far more than my linux and has a large detritus of software installed on it (inc. the stuff I have in the sys tray).

    The other thing I notice: not having wobbly Windows... makes Windows feel so old

    (except my graphics drivers aren't properly supported by the latest version of the kernel so no compiz for me Sad)


    Vista and 7 aggressively fill a memory cache with hard drive pages during non-peak hard drive access in order to reduce hard drive access during peak access. The effect is more hard drive access overall but faster reads and writes.