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View Thread: The Psychology of Incompetence - Ron Burk
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    Dr Herbie said:
    Koogle said:

    So why don't you enlighten us all with the reasons why the MS UI designs are 'noobshit'? Or do you just sit there making negative comments with no substance?



    I don't know if MS programmers are intentionally incompetent... It is without exaggeration to say that MS is the largest software company in the world.

    Yet, Windows as an OS hasn't been advanced like it has the largest programming resouce on the planet.

    There's been evolutionary changes in any axis you pick, security, user experience, programming, but you know when the changes have been the biggest?

    When OSX made a serious play for the desktop. When Linux made a serious play as a free OS...

    I don't think MS is guilty of having incompetent programmers (in general, not specific), just guilty of resting on their laurel (and a huge pile of cash).

    Besides messing up the current layoffs (or is that LisaB's territory)... I like what Balmer's done...

    He saw MS' huge pile of cash, and decide to use it... It might not net any profit (I don't care, I'm no longer a stock holder)... but it gets them moving.