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View Thread: interview the codedom and t4 teams
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    with the release of vs 2008 we now have 2 code generation technologies in vs. 

    Codedom which is primarily used in conjunction with the visual designers. 

    T4 is being used by EF, MVC and a few other teams.  T4 seems to be less language dependant.

    Luke Hoban gave a talk at about the productization of F# and one of the reasons of not implementing designers at least in v4 was the Codedom

    some to the effect that Codedom is design to accept any language that is exactly C# and makes assumptions in the platform to that effect.

    The questions I would have is are there any plans to make codedom and/or t4 more language agnostic so that code generation can target more languages easier??

    the second is tooling support for t4, although there are free tools out there that work with .tt files

    and open the floor for any other questions. but it would be an interesting discussion from the code generation standpoint from the various designers implemented in VS. from Cider, EF, etc etc.

    Thanks Douglas