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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    jamie said:
    jamie said:

    pps - it probably is just for kiosk ... which is fine as ..i think ive posted about kiosks, fullscreen, iphone and uis more than most

    but ms should consider making this support the tablet / pen thing too.  i could put it in a suitcase (with wheels) and bring it to board-room meetings with me:

    " just give me a sec to plug in my tablet" ( doesnt use back rest - uses in lap - pulls out pen...)

    that would be fun.. 25" tablet  Wink

    I believe that the TouchSmart actually uses a limited infrared matrix, but it's limited to about two points of contact. I'm not sure if that's hardware or drivers.

    It's not really made for pen interaction. You might be able to do some fingerpainting as was suggested earlier.