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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    jamie said:
    CannotResolveSymbol said:

    well this one is blowing away mine - that should be better...

     is it cause of the 64 bit os?

    (if it is - im formatting (finally)


    ive never seen a pc like the imac... in a store.  hp did a wicked job.   so far - it is the best machine in the world! Tongue Out


    ps - its not a laptop ...more like a tv (looks wise)

     but i do intend to use it like a laptop - ie - vacation? we are bringing this... pop in a dvd... no wires - just one power cable like a laptop +remote


    (i just need a 27" "laptop" case Wink

    7 screams on hardware that was slow with Vista.  Add the 64 bit on top of that and you hit lightspeed.  You should try IE 64 bit.  It's instantaneous, of course not having a 64bit flash plugin helps too.