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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    jamie said:
    vesuvius said:

    thanks for that.  ill work on the "most times" part Smiley


    (crap - jumped a page - ill repost the vid so people dont have to click BACK)

    Edit:  this thing is going to be great to test touch UI's  ... ive never understood my facination with kiosks (remember all the full screen posts?)

    im not sure it is for drawing tho...  i think ill be able to do more with it - designing touch UIs than paintings..  as there is no pen - hard to draw with finger...

    but i am loading all my graphics apps now on dvd - going up to install and see if finger is possible


    (again - its amazing...just not sure its for painting? )



    edit:  Q:  what is the difference between the touch smart pc screen touch technology - and the tablet pc - pen - touch screen technology?


    it seems the touch smart is for kiosk style interaction - where as the tablet is more like wacom - but on screen (where you draw)


    Q: is the tech basically the same?  ie - will there / might there be a pen that (like on the tablet pc) would ignore if your wrist rests on the screen? (or does it?)


    ps - from here on in - its product review ... but ill say THANK YOU!!!!!! one more time! Smiley


    Edit 2: I havent even gotten to the part where this thing is going to run my whole house / media / photos....  for now - just wondering about the drawing part

    Jamie, be careful about installing games like bookworm deluxe .  You will never get any work done.

    It does use an infared sensor matrix to simulate touch.  It's awesome because you get the full gloss of the monitor without any funky film on it.  More on the infared can be found here  at next window.

    The real cool thing is the light for the keyboard.  If you look on the left hand side you will find a button that will shine a light directly below the screen.

    The one thing i have yet to try on mine is turning on the speech recognition and go for the trifecta of input using speech, touch, and mouse/keyboard.