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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    jamie said:
    kettch said:

    ..which - given the alternative of doing mouse scratches for paint lines - is still better.

    i will experiment..... 

    (ps - it does work using - blunt objects - its just the resting of the hand that freaks it out)

    *working on ways around that...

    (*iphone ONLY works with finger..) = this smarter

    pps - if you move the taskbar to the top - it doesnt work with finger (only mouse)




    oh well... still love it Wink

    One of the videos I saw that used the TouchSmart indicated that because of the nature of the IR matrix, you could even hover over the screen within a centimeter or so, and it would register as contact.

    What about the taskbar doesn't work?