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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    kettch said:
    jamie said:

    I believe that the TouchSmart actually uses a limited infrared matrix, but it's limited to about two points of contact. I'm not sure if that's hardware or drivers.

    It's not really made for pen interaction. You might be able to do some fingerpainting as was suggested earlier.

    ..which - given the alternative of doing mouse scratches for paint lines - is still better.

    i will experiment..... 

    (ps - it does work using - blunt objects - its just the resting of the hand that freaks it out)

    *working on ways around that...

    (*iphone ONLY works with finger..) = this smarter

    pps - if you move the taskbar to the top - it doesnt work with finger (only mouse)




    oh well... still love it Wink