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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    jamie said:

    Q:  this machine is faster than my machine.   i have 2 quads this has 2 duos.  they both have 4 gigs of ram - but this one is 64 bit.. uses the extra ram?


    is it because oem built machines just arnt tuned and optimized like this hp must have been

    (but it was formatted and reinstalled with 7 by larry)

    is it just that 64 rocks?

    also - this gets 5.2 - downstairs i get 5.7 - but this is almost double the speed?

    i doubt its disc space cause i made a ton of room recently (downstairs)

    OEM built machines are often better than home-built counterparts, predominantly because OEMs understand how to balance all the various components to get better overall performance. 64-bit probably helps a bit, but not usually by a significant amount.