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    jamie said:
    jamie said:

    so... so far

    - doesnt support drawing in Painter, photoshop or corel

    - art rage 2 it sort of works - it works great to control windows but this isnt meant for drawing.

    - the cd from hp - ms didnt include... so i tried downloading that UI from hp - "cannot load on this OS bla bla"

    - there is a factory restore drive - but no clear indication of how to get it to load (crazy non exe files)

    - cannot get it to network to my main machine - same old story - everything is there - but when you click a drive says i dont have permission. i have loaded full permissions on everything - ive added the group "everyone"  every single setting that allows access ive turned on but no luck.  so all my videos and songs and pics are downstairs ... media centre is empty.

    apart from above..(hahaha)  it truely IS a great PC... 

    *boy do i miss xp - share c:\  ...and... it shares it!

    Jamie, you are missing nothing from the HP app.  It looks kind of cool for about 35 seconds then 7 Trumps the heck out of it.  You can do a a factory restore from the boot screen, but would wipe out all of the MS Customizations. 

    In short I wouldn't do it.

    The notes app is basically sticky notes with a black vista gradient around it.  The calendar app is nifty and would love to see something like this built into 7 as well as some of the things in the touch pack baked in, instead of an incentive for OEM's to behave.

    Sorry, I digress.  Hate to hear Painter is not supported though.  That's a downer. 

    The touchsmart for me was an xmas present from my wife and I mainly wanted it to test drive 7 on.  Unfortunately, it turned into a games kiosk similar to the ones found in bars. and I haven't had the time to even try alot of things that I wanted to do on it.  Zune software is pretty nifty on it though.  Unfortunately, the scroll bars are too thin to get an accurate reading in the 7 beta.  I have yet to try it on RC.

    (Microsoft, if you could imitate the bar games on the mega touch and sell it under the games for windows brand you will make a killing.  Just a suggestion. HINT HINT!!)