jamie said:
RLO said:

NOTHING about this pc is a downer... well except the drawing... but it really is an all in one imac -but better style pc - no wires - no cables.  as a pc - it is the best ive ever seen or owned...

 but for drawing?  ya its too bad ...just not ready..

*im banking that the screen tech is the same as tablet - but ballmer decided to withhold some tech - to charge for it later

ill pay!! (yes it is always stevebs fault Tongue Out)

It may not be 7 itself, as it is the method of input, i.e. infared.  It will be after I move before i can try it, but my UMPC uses a touchscreen so it may respond better to drawing/painter.


Either way, you have already given MS feedback on the infared sensors and the use of a drawing tablet.