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View Thread: OMG!!!! THANKYOU MS!
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    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    jamie said:

    If "all in one body/monitor" and "wireless keyboard and mouse" are the only things required to make the best PC in the world, then I guess my four year old Dell laptop (with wireless keyboard and mouse I bought a few months ago) is the best PC in the world, too Tongue Out

    Actually, we have a similar machine at work (maybe an older model?  I dunno)...  I haven't gotten the chance to use it, but it looks pretty sweet.

    well this one is blowing away mine - that should be better...

     is it cause of the 64 bit os?

    (if it is - im formatting (finally)


    ive never seen a pc like the imac... in a store.  hp did a wicked job.   so far - it is the best machine in the world! Tongue Out


    ps - its not a laptop ...more like a tv (looks wise)

     but i do intend to use it like a laptop - ie - vacation? we are bringing this... pop in a dvd... no wires - just one power cable like a laptop +remote


    (i just need a 27" "laptop" case Wink