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Soapbox update

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    How about an update on MSN Soapbox.  The last video on here is from Oct 2006.  What is MSN been doing? Will Silverlight support be coming soon?  How about support for HQ content?  HD content?  What is the strategy now after making almost no progress against Youtube?  How about buying up some content sites, Videojug perhaps?

    Anyway, as you can see I am interested in the Soapbox story. I was uploading some home movies the other day and trying to choose whether to do it on Youtube or Soapbox... I liked the fact that Soapbox doesnt limit the time of the movie, but the 100meg limit makes for poor quality videos if more than a few min long.  I think the upload size limit should be huge (1GB like Youtube and Facebook) and Soapbox can downsample to the best quality it supports then delete the original... I guess they want to save bandwidth?  Well while people flock to youtube MSN is saving a lot of bandwidth alright...

    What do you guys think about Soapbox?  What can be done to improve it?

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    Just thought of this too.  The Soapbox blog talks about Silverlight support coming soon.  How about adding some of the advanced Silverlight features to soapbox... adaptive streaming, etc.  Save bandwidth and improve quality....

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