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View Thread: I wonder where my hotel is, let me look it up on -Bing Maps-.
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    Charles said:

    Bing represents more than a new branding... It's not Live Search rebranded. Bing is a new search engine that is also a decision engine. So, in some sense, Bing is Microsoft's latest attempt at evolving general purpose search as opposed to being simply a new name for Live Search... Stay tuned for more meaningful information over the coming days and weeks.


    I hope to try it out. I like Live Search so I think Microsoft will do well, I'm just making fun of the name.

    I know that Microsoft is currently focusing on organizing search results because thats what the average user wants, but I hope they also intend to focus on search features for power users. I often search for things that aren't popular searches, and I want to find every bit of information about it thats on the web so I need to scour the search index, and it doesn't help me at all what most people are searching for.

    What I need is more pages indexed, and a more advanced query syntax. Alta Vista for instance used to let me specify the word "NEAR" so it would search for pages where a word was close to another word.