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View Thread: Microsoft rebrands Hotmail/MSN/Live/.Net/Microsoft Search (Again)
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    Sabot said:
    rhm said:


    I've been using other search engines recently as Google does seem to have lost focus on who exactly is the customer, perhaps it's still in Beta?

    Bing is a silly name but it is a word that is used dramatically already in every-day-speech to mean 'surprise' so I do get it, but it is daft so Microsoft is going to be on the back-foot from the get-go with this one.

    Because Google was such a great name? If you don't know what a google is, the name sounds even sillier than Bing.  If you do know what google means, it still seems like a very silly name for a search engine.

    As for whether or not it will be any good... it already has one surprising self proclaimed "fan".!-Apple-Co-Founder-a-%22Big-Fan%22-of-Microsofts-New-Search-Engine

    I'm not sure how it's going to work for my most common searches (all having to do with software development), but it looks like a dream come true for the average "consumer search".  Unlike Live Search, I'm sure I'll use Bing fairly frequently, even if it doesn't become my default search engine.