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Microsoft rebrands Hotmail/MSN/Live/.Net/Microsoft Search (Again)

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    PaoloM said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    Bing == Bing Is Not Google


    (thanks, PINE)

    Cool Love it

    Appropos Google; The name isn't quite maningless, it was supposed to be Googol but they messed it up - but it still bears close association to that number, for obvious reasons. And further, Googleplex bears a close resemblence to Googolplex. The naming mistake is actually not that bad of an idea. Google rolls better off the tongue.

    I'm not sure what Bing means and what the marketing people were thinking about but there are probably some meaning there.

    Bing it?

    It looks like Bing is a search engine with domain-specific support, assisting in specialized queries with actual data, not just indexed sites.

    Kumo was supposedly a code-name, so who cares about that one. Although aren't we getting tired of having nice code-names replaced with terribly verbose finalized names; Indigo vs WCF; Avalon vs WPF; rolling off the tongue?

    Bing | Cheapest laptop with blablabla | Go


    You don't Bing. You bin/go!

    OK enough nonsense from me for now Big Smile

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    Finding a name today is hard because everything has been registered somehow. I think Bing has a couple of advantages as people wrote before: easy to remember, easy to type (though I keep on typing ginb) and in en-US it can be used as a verb (to bing, bing-ing, bing-it!). Personally I don't like it, but probably I will get used to it. I just hope the rebraning does not cover the other windows live products as now I got used to their names.

    I remember when I was looking for a name for my own company: I paid a professional company to help me out and their suggestions were Ipsoa, Hyperion, etc. I sat down with a friend and a few beers and after two hours of brainstorming we came up with Blue Ice. Honestly that sounds much better to me and considering the investment it is definitely worth it. Marketing can be such a waist of money!!!

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    "Microsoft rebrands Hotmail/MSN/Live/.Net/Microsoft Search (Again)"

    Can you substantiate this? Sure, they create a special version of Live Search but how do you get from that to a total rebrand of everything?
    Dramatic effect?

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    Deactivated User

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    ManipUni said:
    wkempf said:

    The word "Google" means nothing. Just like "Kumo" means nothing. While "Bing" does already have a meaning...

    Kumo means "spider" or "cloud" from Japanese.

    And Virtual Earth is the first announced to move to the Bing Brand,  Bing Maps for Enterprise.

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