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    BitFlipper said:
    Bass said:

    Well, it is interesting that I had to post multiple replies with links just to get you to realize that it actually had a true 3D camera. If you didn't even want to do that yourself, I imagine you probably also didn't bother looking at the videos of the demos they had, including the posts from the press where they got hands-on with Natal, stating that it works pretty much as well as the demos showed.

    If you really want to have the specs, source (Why? The API and docs should be enough), you could always become a games developer. MS stated that they started shipping dev kits to game developers last week.

    And if you are concerned about the depth resolution, look at the video I posted above:

    It clearly shows some a pretty well-defined depth outline of the person, while they are talking. Once again this is the same camera technology that MS bought to use with Natal.

    It is one thing to be sceptical, but another entirely to completely ignore the information that is easy to find about this technology. You claim you want "more information", but I doubt that.  You didn't even know the basics.

    They are saying the 3DV aquisition has nothing to do with Natal.  It was very recent anyway, it's probably just to avoid IP issues.