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    Bass said:
    BitFlipper said:

    They might say it's a true "3D camera", but my expirence (yes professional expirence) is a "true" 3d camera currently costs in the range of five figures USD. So if it's a true 3D camera, and it's in the three figure range, whats that typical expression?

    "How the f**k?"

    It's like Toyota just annonced a $300 Camry or something. Is that suppose to be taken at face value?

    Sadly my question of "how the f**k?" is so far unanswered, even by you. I actually have real use for a cheap * sensor that can return accurate 3D vector data of a scene, in real time. This is more then just "lawl video games", this is "f**king awesome, now I can build a robot that doesn't break itself by banging into the f**king wall".

    Take it easy there, no need to get so angry...

    Well, judging from the demos, descriptions of what it is comprised of, and hands-on from the press, all I can say is that apparently they are doing it.  MS has the money to do the R&D, and ability to mass produce/market this so that it does become affordable to the end users.  I doubt they will be selling the cameras seperately for $200 just so that people can experiment with it outside of the Xbox (or at least they are not going to give you the SDK for free as a non-Xbox developer). The value of this to them lies in the fact that it adds to the Xbox universe, not hobyists that want a cheap 3D camera. I am sure it will get hacked and people will connect it to their PCs and do all sorts of wonderful things with it, but that is not their goal.

    Anyway you slice it, no matter how many thimes you say it is not possible, they are doing it. Sorry to dissapoint you.