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    Bass said:

    I just discovered that Natal is like, not coming out for a long time. Seriously what is it with Microsoft and annoncing things like years in advance? When Apple announces a product, it often comes out the next day.

    unless its not that far away Big Smile consider win7, first it was going to come out some time in 2010 but now they're  thinking october.. also, they have the dev kits so it cant be that far off.. but maybe in just wishing Tongue Out


    thats also a great use  Smiley i wonder if it can also track the point where the user is watching.. it seems sorta likely based on the demos they've shown. devices like that are usually really expensive but the natal is a mass market product so it will be available for everyone Smiley
    please, mighty lords of channel9, talk to the natal team Smiley [and tape it Tongue Out ]