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    aL_ said:
    Bas said:

    i think 3dv built the depth maera, they apparently had a some sort of 3d webcam lined up but then ms bought them (see in any case, i hope licensing wont be a problem

    the face recognition login would be really great, but also think of what you could do with the POV/head tracking.. you could make sure messages appear where the user is (or is not) looking [on a multimon system for example] you could "peek" outside the edge of your desktop by meaning to the opposite direction Smiley

    also, because you sit much closer to your pc than your tv, the depth resolution (in x/y) should be higher so maybe you can have it track your hands and fingers.. if thats possible, imagine the a 3d modeling app where you actually use your hands to manipulate your model Scared just beeing able to do minority report type manipulation on the pc would be great Smiley

    maybe i shouldnt get to exited yet though Smiley the word is still out on accuracy and resoultion i suppose Smiley

    I can imagine a *LOT* of uses for this tech for a pc....

    for example a disabled person who may have very limited use of arms and legs able to use one hand and or the face to control stuff at home... could be great for that kind of thing.

    and yes i can see using it for media center and for pc games....

    Dare I say this?   World Of Warcraft on a giant screen with this controller ???  I think that would be cool for WOW fans! Smiley