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    aL_ said:
    PaoloM said:

    true but apple is the king of hype Wink also the products are pretty diffrent.. having devkits must mean the at least got a somewhat finished api..

    btw it seems natal is doing at least some processing internally [check out some of the info "dots" here], good for speed but possible bad programability.. i prefer speed in this case though. the speculation continues... Tongue Out

    the internal processor info is also on wikipedia.

    I'm guessing it's like the wiimote, which has an IR camera, but you have no way of getting the raw IR image. There's an onboard processor that analyses the image from the IR camera, does blob tracking and stuff like that, and then gives out an image with up to four dots. I'm guessing Natal has a similar processor that gives you the individual joints it sees and perhaps an ID for the face it recognizes (as well as a simple RGB image, see the video chat or the reflection in the water in the Milo demo), but not the actual raw grayscale depth-image.